General Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

These conditions are valid from 30.10.2023

Conclusion of the Travel Agreement

By registering, the customer undertakes to enter into a travel agreement with Helia Travel Agency Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Helia Travel Agency). Registration shall take place in writing on the form designated for this purpose. A telephonic, oral or other form of registration with us or one of our partner agencies shall be equally binding. Registration shall be carried out by the registering party for all co-named participants. The registering party firmly agrees to these conditions of travel, including on behalf of and for the co-named participants. The agreement shall come into being upon acceptance by Helia Travel Agency or its partner agencies upon sending the booking confirmation. Subsidiary agreements and amendments to the concluded travel agreement shall require our written confirmation.


Each tour price is per person, generally based on double bedroom occupancy (two persons sharing). In some locations participants may occupy larger rooms/suites/apartments for more than two persons. Participants signing up individually, if they wish so, will be assigned roommates of the same sex. In mountain huts, participants can be accommodated in dormitories. On most tours there are a limited number of single-occupancy rooms available for those paying the extra supplement. Singles supplement will only be charged for those requiring single-occupancy rooms. Daily breakfast will be provided at the hotels.


Prices are presented in Euros (€). Prices are guaranteed independently of exchange rate variations. Our prices include only what is listed in programs and do not include airfares or other transportation costs to and from Slovenia.

Reservations and Deposit

Filling in and sending the online booking form or providing the relevant data via electronic message, fax or telephone to Helia Travel Agency Paying a deposit of 10% of amount stated on pro-forma invoice within eight days is a conclusion of travel arrangement. Payment can be made: by credit card (Mastercard / Eurocard or Visa ) or bank draft. We accept credit cards over the phone, fax or email.

Final Payment

Final payment is due 30 days before the tour begins.

Booking Modification Fee

Changes not requiring corrections of already issued proforma invoices (change of transfer time etc.) – free of charge
Complex changes requiring change of proforma invoice (day lineups, change of hotels at client request) 30 EUR per change.
Changing starting date is treated as cancellation of an already confirmed booking and will be treated as such per our cancellation costs scale.

Last Minute Booking Fee

Bookings falling within 21 days before arrival date – surcharge 10% on basic price

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you cancel your booking the following cancellation scale applies:
- up to 28 days before arrival - 10% of total holiday cost
- 27 to 21 day prior to holiday start date - 20% of total holiday cost
- 20 to 14 days prior to holiday start date - 40% of total holiday cost
- 13 to 7 days prior to holiday start date - 70% of total holiday cost
- 6 to 1 days / day prior to holiday start date - 90% of total holiday cost
- no show on arrival day or interruption of your tour - 100% costs
Cancellations must be made in writing; the date it's received in the Helia Travel Agency office, is the date that applies for refund policies.

In no case is Helia Travel Agency liable to refund for unused services.


The passenger must address any irregularities or deficiencies at the location itself, to the tour leader, Helia's representative, or the representative of the travel organizer who arranges the passenger's tourist package, in written form. In the event that the nature of the complaint suggests that it could be resolved on the spot (for example, inadequate room cleanliness, equipment, room location, etc.), and the passenger has not complained about the error on the spot or informed the above-mentioned individuals about the irregularity, it is considered that the passenger has agreed to the service provided in such a manner and has thereby forfeited the right to later file complaints demanding a reduction in the price of the service or compensation for damages. Helia will not consider a complaint to which the passenger has not attached a report from the organizer's representative or service provider regarding the complaint, which demonstrates that the deficiencies could not be resolved on the spot.

Complaint procedure

Immediately on the spot, the passenger files a complaint about inadequate service with the organizer's representative, or in their absence, with the service provider. The passenger must cooperate with the representative in good faith to address the cause of the complaint. If the passenger does not accept the offered solution to the complaint, which corresponds to the services paid for according to the program, Helia will not consider subsequent claims for compensation or a reduction in the travel price. If the cause of the complaint cannot be rectified, the passenger and the representative shall prepare a written confirmation. Upon return from the trip, the passenger must submit a written complaint to Helia within the statutory period of two months, accompanied by evidence proving the validity of the complaint (a mandatory written confirmation signed by the representative or service provider, any invoices for additional expenses, etc.). The organizer must respond to the passenger in writing within 8 days after receiving the complaint, and finally, within a reasonable time necessary to obtain information about the cause of the complaint from the service provider, or during the time required to obtain information from third parties in accordance with Article 892 of the Slovene Obligations Code. Until the organizer issues a decision, the passenger waives the right to submit the complaint to any other person, judicial institutions, or provide information to the media and the public.

The organizer will only address complaints where the cause could not be rectified on the spot. In the case of a complaint for a trip for which Helia is not the travel organizer, Helia will forward the passenger's complaint to the responsible travel organizer and inform the passenger in writing of the resolution of the complaint. In the event that Helia only acts as an informer, the passenger must assert all complaint claims on the spot with the actual organizer of the optional excursion, tour, etc. Without a written complaint, Helia will not consider claims for price reductions or compensation, as well as other claims.

The complaint must be signed, and it may be filed by each passenger individually in their name or by providing written authorization to a third party. The authorization must be attached to the complaint; otherwise, Helia will not consider such complaints.

The complaint must be substantiated. Therefore, the passenger should attach appropriate evidence and/or confirmation from the hotelier, carrier, or other relevant person about the actual situation on which the passenger bases their claim.

The amount of compensation is in any case limited to the amount paid for the arrangement. If, due to negligence, the program is not executed or some services are not provided, the passenger has the right to compensation in the amount of the actual value of the unexecuted services. This provision does not apply if Helia has the right to cancel the arrangement or modify the program, in accordance with the provisions of these general terms and conditions and the law.


Helia Travel Agency reserves the right to refuse participation prior to or during a trip to any individual whose behavior and/or attitude interferes with the general enjoyment and well-being of other tour members and if anyone, participant or Helia Travel Agency staff, is endangered by this individual. In case any of the above mentioned happens Helia Travel Agency will not be liable to refund or pay any compensations as such.

Rights of the Travel agent

Helia Travel Agency reserves the right to change itineraries or tour arrangements if necessary or by what is known as "force majeure". In the case of a tour cancellation by Helia Travel Agency, registered participants will be refunded in total amounts paid to Helia Travel Agency which is not liable for any payments or compensation due to additional expenses such as non-refundable advance purchase airline tickets.


One piece of baggage not exceeding 20 kgs (44 lbs) (Lufthansa dimensions) per person is allowed. The company is not responsible for any loss or damage to baggage (or) belongings. However, the company will assist with any claims made.


Helia Travel Agency is fully insured according to the law for its activity, third part liability, work accidents for staff, and car passengers in our vehicles. We recommend all participants ensure your Travel Insurance has adequate coverage for cancellation and refund, luggage, medical expenses and repatriation, death and permanent disability.

Image Use

Helia Travel Agency reserves the right to use without charge any photographs or images of any kind of participants for bona-fide promoting and marketing purposes.


These terms and conditions may only be waived by a manager of Helia Travel Agency in writing. When you sign the registration form you agree to accept all these conditions, and when we accept your reservation we agree to carry out our obligations to you as defined in this document and other information provided to you.

Unforeseeable circumstances and responsibility

You must accept, for participation in a Helia Travel Agency tour, that the normal flexibility of an adventure outdoor activity is necessary, and acknowledge that delays and alterations and their results are possible. Neither Helia Travel Agency nor any person assisting is responsible for any loss, injury, damage, accident, delay or irregularities sustained by the clients including those occurred outside the tour programs. The company does not accept responsibility for losses or expenses due to delay or changes in other services, accident, sickness, weather, strikes, war and other unforeseen circumstances.

Internet service and use of web site

Use of this website, booking request and the contract between participant and Helia Travel Agency is subject to the laws of Slovenia, and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Slovenia. If you are not located in Slovenia, we will not be liable for any breach of any foreign legislation, code or directive as a result of you using the services offered by us, or purchasing any of the travel-related products or services of third party suppliers made available through this website.

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