Frequently Asked Questions About Cycling Trips

Faq About GUIBO

GUIBO is electronic GUIde BOok in form of a smart phone application

Overview of Guibo

Guibo is an innovative electronic guidebook specifically developed for use on mobile devices. It’s designed to enhance the experience of travelers, offering detailed, interactive, and user-friendly navigation and information about their travel itinerary. The app is available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, making it accessible to a wide range of users with different smartphones.

Downloading and Setting Up Guibo

To begin using Guibo, travelers need to download the app from their respective app stores. After installation, the app requires two key pieces of information for activation: the Operator ID, which is "AAW" for all users, and a personal booking number. This booking number is unique to each traveler and can be found in the email containing the digital documents related to their tour. The app restricts access to one device per booking number, although additional devices can be accommodated upon request.

Features and Functionalities

Once activated, Guibo serves as a comprehensive guide, displaying detailed routes, points of interest (POI), and day-to-day navigation instructions for the duration of the tour. The app is structured to guide travelers through each day of their journey, offering insights into the route length, significant landmarks, and other relevant information.

Troubleshooting and Tips

While Guibo is designed to be user-friendly, travelers might encounter some common issues:

  • If there are problems downloading the guidebook, check the language settings on the phone. Setting the language to English or German often resolves these issues.
  • Location Tracking: If Guibo is not showing the correct location, users should verify that they have allowed the app to track their location in the phone settings.
  • App Malfunction: In case Guibo stops working, the recommended approach is to close and reopen the app. Sometimes, other open apps can interfere with its functionality, so closing unnecessary apps can help.
  • Data Usage: A significant advantage of Guibo is that it doesn’t require a data connection to function after the guidebook has been downloaded. This feature is particularly useful for international travelers who might not have a local data plan.

Recommendations for a Smooth Experience

To ensure a hassle-free experience with Guibo, it is advisable to carry a power bank, as navigation apps tend to consume considerable battery power. A solar-powered power bank is an eco-friendly option. For those on cycling tours, bringing a mobile holder for their device can significantly enhance the convenience of using the app while on the move.

In accordance with responsible tourism principles, we are actively moving toward a paperless approach for trip documentation. However, if you prefer not to use an electronic guidebook, we offer a printed set of tour descriptions and maps for a minimal additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tours

What do your trips include?

All self guided trips include hotel accommodation, luggage transfer, electronic documentation and a briefing by our representative upon your arrival in Slovenia. Generally bikes are not included, but may be rented at the beginning of the tour. Some tours have extras such as entrance fees at cultural sights already planned in the trip.

How do I find my way around?

Easily. During our welcome meeting you will be given access to electronic guidebook GUIBO which includes trip description and maps. The actual trails are also marked with our own signs. GPS data is separately also available for all tours.

How difficult are the trips?

How difficult the trips are is marked in trip introduction greybox.

In short - our bike trekking tours mainly cover a modest daily distance. This makes them "rideable" for the most average tourist. However, those more demanding cycling and walking fans who may want to ride / walk additional kilometers will not have a problem - travel documentation suggests possible extra detours and side trips.

What types of trips are there?

Round trips start and end at the same place, there is a pre-arranged parking space for your car, if necessary. "Daisy" trips have one starting point from where daily trips are taken. Chain trips start at A and end at B, if necessary, a return transfer to the starting point can be arranged.

Are single rooms available on all tours?

Yes, however there is a small supplement. There is no minimum requirement, we will be happy to welcome you as a solo traveler too.

Can we hire a bike or do we have to bring our own?

You can freely use your own bike on our tours. Should you wish to hire a bike, we can offer you a quality trekking bike of our own. It comes equipped with side bag (pannier), basic repair kit, bottle holder and lock. Weekly hire depends on the tour chosen. You can also hire a cycling helmet (2 EUR / day), we suggest you bring a scarf / bandana to wear under the helmet. A wide range of bike types is available.

Can we use our own tandem bike, or our own pedals?

You can of course do all trips with your own tandem bike. Should you need to have it transported from the airport or elsewhere, you need to tell us in advance. Depending on the circumstances, we may have to charge you extra on such occasions. You can bring your own pedals but also a wrench to detach them at the end of chain trips.

Do you also have bikes for children?

Depending on the age of the children, you can choose between a bike trailer (for very small children), "slipstream bike" that may be attached to the parent's bike or different size children's bikes. More information can be found here.

Do you offer rental bikes insurance?

No. We provide high value rental bikes on our trips. Normal wear & tear (up to a cost of 10 EUR) which occurs during their use is covered in the rental price. However, excessive damage or theft are not insured. Although we and our partner hotels do our utmost to protect the bikes, we recommend you take our bike insurance that also covers such events.

How about medical insurance?

Medical insurance should be arranged in your country before departure.

Are support vehicles available and how is luggage transported?

There are no support vehicles on self guided (independent) tours available. However, all clients are given emergency telephone numbers for our office, should the need occur. We are reachable from 8 am to 7 pm every day. In case of emergencies we are also reachable outside these hours. As tours are conceived as self-guided trips, your luggage is transported via pre-arranged transportation with your hotel. You leave your baggage at the reception of the hotel, it will be delivered to the next hotel by 5PM (17:00) the same day.

Can I ride to next destination with luggage transfer?

Due to several (legal) reasons, this is not possible. Trip documentation includes information about public transport and we can always arrange a taxi transfer for you.

What else should we bring?

Your travel documentation includes a suggested packing list. Final decision is yours. It is easier to travel with as few bags as possible. If you are on a longer trip, your extra bags / bike suitcases etc can be stored in our office.

Which meals are included?

Usually our trips are based on bed & breakfast accommodation. This includes breakfast only. Trip documentation includes suggestions for lunches and dinners, this based on our experience and suggestions of our customers, mostly in a typical restaurant close to your accommodation. 

You can expect Central European cuisine, with local specialities. In case of special need (diets) let us know in advance.

How will I get to the starting point of the tour?

Slovenia is easily reachable by plane, train or international bus. Participants from outside Europe may need to "connect" in one of the major Central European cities. We are happy to give you information on connecting flights or direct railway connections to Slovenia. Please also check this page.


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