To e-bike or not (yet) to e-bike?


Why ride an e-bike?

- First, nobody will know you are driving it unless they are very close. The battery powered motor is carefully designed to fit into the wheel frame.
- The electric assistance starts "quietly" when you are driving, but offers you as much (or little) help as you need.
- They're great when you ride in a group and have a different level of fitness. There is an equalizer in e-bikes that does exactly what they do. It balances out the different levels of readiness of the passengers in a group. And if you are fine on straight roads but a little slower than the others on the hill, the equalizer will remove that burden.

Weaknesses of the e-bike
Okay, e-bikes are great. But there must be a downside too, right? E-bikes are a little heavier because of the motor. Since they use a battery, it needs to be charged regularly. However, if you are on our trip and use an Ebike our guide will take care of it. One worry less!

That's it! There's really no need to be ashamed of riding an e-bike. Believe us a lot of people do that and nobody notices it anymore.

On our trips we offer high-end electric bikes Scott.